Brown Egg

A logo for a cafe and coffee house

Graphic Design


  • Logo Design
  • Menu Design
  • Graphic Design

Project Details

The design and branding for Brown Egg Cafe and Coffeehouse was meant to emphasize the hometown appeal of the cafe. Its logo, with its stylized egg shape, showcases the local charm of the business. The colors used in the logo are muted earth tones that give it both a classic and timeless feel.

The walls of the cafe are painted a warm, inviting brown color that draws customers in and makes them feel at home. In addition, natural wood accents around the cafe give it a rustic feel that is unique to small-town cafes.

The combination of classic charm and modern elements make Brown Egg a logo and brand that stands the test of time. From its timeless logo to its cozy atmosphere, Brown Egg is a business that truly captures the spirit of small-town living.

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