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Project Details

The new Dancing Mule website was built from the ground up using WordPress's robust content management system (CMS) which allowed easy navigation and comprehensive customization options. It also incorporated a range of improved features, such as a programmatic menu, updated blog, and easier to manage content sections.

Making sure the website was user-friendly was essential. We wanted to ensure that visitors quickly found what they were looking for, without having to dig too deep into the content. To this end, we incorporated a simplified menu that allowed quick access and optimized page loading times to ensure an enjoyable experience for customers who browse the site.

The end result is a website that better reflects the company's identity while remaining speedy and search engine friendly.

The new website allows Dancing Mule Coffee to showcase their products in an attractive, modern way, while also allowing customers to quickly browse their menu, specials and pricing. With these improvements, Dancing Mule has set themselves up for future success in expanding their online presence and engaging more with their customer base.

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