Expert consultation and rental services for electric vehicles

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Project Details

We worked with Steerius to create a brand identity and logo that clearly conveys the company's mission to provide their customers with expert consultation and rental services for electric vehicles.

Steerius is now situated to achieve their goals of becoming the premier electric vehicle consultation and rental service in the region.

The logo we designed for Steerius is modern and timeless, with a simple design that captures their vision. The colorful palette gives it an energetic feel while still maintaining a professional look. The logo has a sense of sophistication and aligns with their mission to provide expert advice and services.

In addition to the logo, we created several branding materials that Steerius could use for marketing purposes. These included business cards, flyers, brochures, website design and beyond – all of which support their new brand identity.


Cable Grey
Burnt Rubber
Electric Blue
Brake Light

Final Logo

A carefully Crafted Logo

Inspired by roads to symbolize connectivity, the bolt is formed from the shapes and is a constant reminder of the companies serious commitment to electric and sustainable energy.

The S shape pays homage to the brand name and is designed to evoke the feeling of steering a vehicle down a winding road. Together, these elements come together to create a logo that perfectly captures the spirit of the Steerius brand.

Logo Mark

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