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Isaac Dailey

Front-End Designer(The Tactical Designer)

Isaac’s journey into the world of design and development is anything but conventional. After dedicating most of his 20s to serving his country as a police officer and in the Army, Isaac transitioned into the tech world, driven by a passion for creating beautiful, high-conversion digital products. Despite holding a degree in political science, Isaac is entirely self-taught in design and development, proving that dedication and passion can carve out new career paths.

In just two years, Isaac has built hundreds of products and served over 100 clients, focusing on crafting designs that cut through the noise and drive results. His freelance work is a testament to his ability to blend aesthetics with functionality, ensuring every product not only looks good but performs exceptionally well.

Now, at Carefully Crafted, Isaac hones his skills as a frontend designer and SEO specialist. He partners with the team to create websites and digital products from scratch, ensuring they are high-performing across multiple metrics and visually stunning. His obsession with details and his love for what he does make him a crucial part of the Carefully Crafted team, where he brings joy and excellence to every project.

About Us
Isaac Likes:
Single Origin Espresso's
James Blake
Wes Anderson Films
Jiu Jitsu