Ethics Statement

Good marketing is built on trust and mutual respect.

We make sure our campaigns are transparent, our strategies are ethical, and our pricing is clear.
This commitment has earned us the trust of our clients and partners, and it’s something we’re proud of.

We will:

  • Communicate honestly and openly
  • Ensure clients are happy with our work
  • Be open about any risks involved
  • Only take work we know we can deliver
  • Pay our suppliers fairly
  • Take your privacy seriously

we won't:

  • Make false or misleading claims
  • Pressure people into a purchase
  • Take advantage of vulnerable people
  • Use deceptive design patterns

We put the person before the sale.

We respect you and your privacy. We will help you make the best choice for your needs, not ours.

We communicate inclusively, truthfully, and clearly.

We will not confuse you or hide information from you. We will help all audiences feel welcome.

We take responsibility for our part in changing the marketplace.

We recognize the need to break the cycle of consumerism. We will continuously review our sales and marketing to ensure they benefit the common good.

We count on you to hold us accountable. Please connect with us if you see us not honoring our pledge.