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“Carefully Crafted’s tailored services instantly drove my business growth. Their superior product, thoughtful approach, and clear communication clearly reflect their investment in my success.”

- Adam Carpenter

Closed with Carpenter

“Brad and Scott have been amazing to work with. The relationship has been a game changer for our businesses and they have been critical in helping us develop a digital marketing strategy while implementing everything we’ve needed. We have never worked with anyone as capable and engaged as the team at Carefully Crafted.

- Andy Faucett


“I had been trying to manage the website myself, but I knew I was out of my depth. When I met with Brad, I had questions about the website, SEO, and marketing strategy. We worked together to create a marketing plan for the site and I was excited to hand this over to the Carefully Crafted team. Our new website looks amazing and is now getting lots of attention. Brad is very responsive and has been great to work with.”

- Nick Kime

Flight Providers

For more than 10 years, I’ve relied on Brad to build my clients’ websites. Not only does he possess the vast skillset necessary to execute my storyboard designs, but he’s also patient, dedicated, and reliable. These attributes are a rarity when working with programmers and web designers. When conveying important information, Brad doesn’t ‘speak in tongues’; instead, he provides a simple explanation of the ever-changing jargon of digital tech. He stays up-to-date on the latest algorithm changes, AI advancements, and SEO best practices. I wouldn’t create a website without him! Thank you, Brad, and Carefully Crafted, for years of excellence.”

- Helene Sheeler-Johnson

Back to Beauty Pillow Inventor

“Carefully Crafted made it painless to update our brand while staying on top of an already full workload. From logo updates to all new business cards, letterhead, folders and more – their patient guidance, keen insights, and expert design skills have taken our professional image to a new level. We look forward to many more projects with this talented team.”

- Ryan B.

Soard Financial

Carefully Crafted’s software is indispensable for our operations. We couldn’t afford to hire thousands of representatives to perform the function their software provides. Scott and Brad are veterans in the software engineering world, with expertise that goes way back. They built our product from the ground up, creating every single image and process from scratch. Their approach ensures flexibility, allowing engineers to add to the code without a business losing its entire body of work. What they can do is on another level.”

- Shawn Roberts


“The team of Carefully Crafted has been wonderful to work with. Not only did they design a very detailed marketing strategy for our business, but they also provided data depicting how effective each phase of the plan was. This comprehensive step-by-step approach helps us adapt faster as we grow our business. In addition, they built us a brand new website that has improved our sales! Their expertise in the digital field has impacted our business very positively and we are happy to partner with them.”
- Madalyn Faucett

Walnut Street Inn