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At Carefully Crafted, we believe in powering success through innovative digital solutions. Our recent collaboration with APC Solar, a leader in commercial solar, stands testament to this belief. Together, we embarked on a digital voyage to not only highlight APC Solar’s commitment to energy efficiency but also to propel them into the future with a new online presence and established a foundation for their existing brand.


Our collaboration with APC Solar ventured beyond the surface. We curated a color palette that mirrors the energy and vitality of the sun itself—warm, inviting, and endlessly energetic.

Every element, from the color schemes to the font styles, were chosen to create a seamless narrative across all platforms. We introduced a suite of cohesive styles that served as the foundation for their forward direction—each piece a testament to APC Solar’s leadership in the green energy sector. This unified branding approach not only elevated their visual identity but also reinforced their commitment to making a positive environmental impact.

Website Design

In crafting the digital presence for APC Solar, we prioritized clarity, user engagement, and visual storytelling.

The design echoes the company’s innovative spirit, integrating sleek, solar-inspired visuals with an intuitive interface that guides visitors through the world of energy savings and solar solutions. Our approach was to create an immersive experience that reflects APC Solar’s expertise and leadership in the energy sector.

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