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Soard Financial

Modernizing Financial Trust Through Design 

About the project

Financial Confidence with Design

Soard Financial, esteemed for its steadfast commitment to financial guidance and client success, embarked on a journey to refresh its brand identity while standing firm in its core values. Our mission was to modernize the Soard Financial logo, preserving key elements that resonate with their trusted reputation and legacy. Additionally, we extended this new brand identity across a variety of print products. This comprehensive redesign not only aimed to enhance visual appeal but also sought to communicate the firm’s progressive stance in the financial industry, ensuring a consistent and impactful brand presence across all their customer touchpoints.

From The Client

Carefully Crafted made it painless to update our brand while staying on top of an already full workload. From logo updates to all new business cards, letterhead, folders and more – their patient guidance, keen insights, and expert design skills have taken our professional image to a new level. We look forward to many more projects with this talented team.

– Ryan


A brand is more than a logo or color scheme; it’s an embodiment of a company’s ethos and aspirations. For Soard Financial, we refined their brand for a cohesive identity. The goal was to simplify their branding elements, ensuring they were not only aesthetically pleasing but also that they resonanted with their audience. We sought to convey an image of reliability and forward-thinking, strengthening the connection with existing clients and appealing to potential ones. This process highlighted Soard Financial’s values, making their brand feel more approachable and trustworthy.

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