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Envelopes, letterhead, business cards, and other brandable items that require design and proper formatting for print and production.

Why do you need custom stationery?

It may be easy to lull yourself into thinking that designing custom stationery isn’t as important as it used to be. As technology advances and consumers continue to push for paperless options, foregoing business stationery may be an obvious temptation. But just because paper products are old school doesn’t mean they’re dispensable.

At a minimum, every business should consider having company envelopes, letterhead, and business cards. When you have business to do the old fashioned way, you don’t want to be caught unprepared or appear unprofessional. Having business stationery at the ready makes you look polished, organized, and credible. For example, say you make a new acquaintance outside of your place of work. You sense there’s potential for a future sale, but you don’t want them to forget your business’s name as soon as you walk away. If you give them a business card, they have a tangible reminder to take home with them, as well as your contact information. Worst case scenario, they misplace or forget about the business card. If you don’t give them a business card in the first place, the worst case scenario is missing out on a potential sale or making a poor first impression by using scrap paper to write down your information. 

Another perk of using business stationery is that it reinforces your brand. Identifiable visual elements such as company name, logo, and color scheme should be featured whenever possible. All correspondence that includes the visual elements that make your brand stand out helps to maintain your business’s image and reputation. 

Lastly, just as important as the stationery itself is the quality of stationery used. Even stationery products with cutting edge designs can be undermined by low quality paper. Heavier weight papers are sturdier, classier, and make a better first impression.

Why should Carefully Crafted design your business stationery? 

Carefully Crafted has the design experience to give your stationery the polished, professional look you need while also staying true to your brand. We can also advise on what types of paper to use for various stationery products so that you’re never caught unprepared and you’re in control of the impression your business makes.

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