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Infographics use minimal imagery to provide an overview of a specific topic or area of interest that can be both engaging and easily shareable.

What are infographics? 

Infographics are a way to present information in a visually pleasing and easily digestible format by combining data and design elements.

Any graphic that conveys a message can be called an infographic, from old school graphs and charts to modern illustrations and diagrams. Their primary purpose is to communicate information in a faster, clearer, and more engaging way than reading a block of text, but there are several lesser known benefits of using infographics that are also worth mentioning.

Why should I use infographics?

Infographics allow you to communicate information to your audience faster, as well as keep them engaged with your message.

Imagine you are trying to inform your customers of the different features in two similar products. If they have to read through a paragraph to find all the differences and keep the item descriptions straight in their heads, they may get confused or frustrated and decide the effort isn’t worth learning the differences. People process visual information much faster than text, so although reading a paragraph doesn’t seem like much to ask of your viewers, it’s actually asking a lot more of them than you think.

If you present the same information in a visual format that easily compares the two products, you still can communicate all the same information while simultaneously easing the workload put on your viewers and retaining the attention of viewers who would have otherwise stopped reading. In this day and age of instant gratification, you don’t want to risk information being lost due to presenting it in a method that takes longer for your audience to find and process. Images naturally draw attention, and you can use that to decide which information is most visible to viewers.

Infographics deliver information quickly and clearly so your viewers are more likely to get your message, even if their attention spans are being challenged by outside forces. 

Using infographics is also a great opportunity to subtly reinforce your brand.

The imagery and design elements you incorporate into the graphic should all be cohesive, from your typography to thematic color schemes and voice. When the information is presented well and the design is in line with your brand, your credibility as a source increases.

While you’re giving your viewers information that is more memorable and engaging because of its visual appearance, you’re also solidifying your brand identity and setting yourself up to be perceived as an expert in your field. 

Another substantial incentive to use infographics is that they are able to be linked and shared across platforms. You can incorporate infographics in social media posts, blog posts, emails, and more for maximum exposure.

When your infographics represent your brand well or are associated with your website, those shares drive traffic to your site and increase web hits with no extra work on your end. More web traffic translates to more potential customers in the sales pipeline and more opportunities to grow your business.

Why should Carefully Crafted design my infographics?

Designing infographics is more than visualizing data for your audience. Data visualization is the ultimate goal, but there are several design components that have to work together for the graphic to be effective.

When elements of an infographic don’t work together, you can be left with unclear messaging, graphics that don’t capture and hold viewers’ attention, and graphics that poorly represent your brand.

We are well-versed in design principles as well as branding. When you use our infographic design service, you can be confident our designs will be on brand, memorable, and clearly communicate information to your viewers. Save yourself the headache of doing it alone. Professional custom designed infographics are just a click away. 

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