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User Interface Design

Compelling creations

UI design is about understanding how people interact with technology, and then using this knowledge to design easy-to-use software and websites.

The UI Process

Here are a few fundamentals when it comes to creating a UI, though every project is unique.


Research your users and understand their needs.


Create a rough outline of what we have learned in the research phase.


Create a skeletal framework for the website or application.


Create visually appealing designs and incorporate the aesthetic of the brand.


Test your designs with real users to receive feedback


Continue to iterate the design on the basis of user feedback and tests.

User Experience Design

Extraordinary Experiences

It is important that a positive UX does not only start and stop with product design. Customer service, packaging, pick-up, delivery, support, marketing and more are all part of a compelling user experience.

The UX Process

Here is a summary of what a sample user experience creation process looks like.


Understanding the needs and experiences of users.


The process of organizing the information presented to the user.


The way in which the user interacts with the product or service.


Create the look, feel and visuals of the product or service.


Tests with real users to ensure that needs are met and everything is easy to use.


Implementation of the design by creating the actual product or service.
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UI/UX Design has additional details and other micro services. To read more, click a topic below or visit the marketing codex.

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A/B Testing compares two or more variants of a pages elements and shows them to visitors at random for comparison and increased conversions.
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Accessibility is the practice of making websites usable by as many people as possible. Making the web more accessible also comes with many other benefits.
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AI Onboarding is a comprehensive service offering that helps businesses streamline processes and optimize performance with AI solutions.
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Analytical tools via third party services are used for data tracking and analysis. Analytics reporting is available yearly, quarterly or monthly.
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Audits are available for any service listed. Audits provide valuable information that can help identify issues, insights and possible solutions.
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A branding board is a concise and "to the point" document that includes details of a brands elements.
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Call to action buttons help potential customers find their way toward a conversion point or specific goal/action.
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Heat mapping can help you analyze how visitors browse and interact with your website while providing invaluable analytics for consideration.
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Landing pages are designed with conversion in mind. A sale, discount, registration or lead generation form all start with a proper landing page.
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Mind maps are visuals that can help structure important information to assist with understanding complex concepts, analysis, or idea creation.
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Native apps are coded in the language the hardware intended which helps to create a seamless user experience and smooth interaction with the app.
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A persona is a crafted representation of your ideal or current customer. Personas help to segment your audience through data and reporting.
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Responsive design ensures that websites, landing pages, elements and even logos will adapt to fit the size of the device which they are viewed on.
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SaaS, or software as a service, is a type of software where users can access applications offered by online providers.
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Strategic thinking, planning and research are required to determine goals, priorities and processes for any effective campaign.
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A user story is a brief description of a feature from the perspective of the person who will use that feature.
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Real users help to test processes, features and the interface of a product, website or service to help determine usability, utility and more.
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