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Working closely with automation services, workflows help move important data repeatedly for consistency and to streamline routine tasks.

What is an inbound marketing workflow?

An inbound marketing workflow is a process that helps you move prospects through your marketing funnel, from awareness to consideration to decision. By automatically moving prospects through your workflow, you can nurture them with relevant content at each stage of the buyer’s journey, making it more likely they’ll convert into customers.

Inbound marketing workflows are built around the idea of lead scoring, which assigns a numeric value to each prospect based on their engagement with your brand. The higher the score, the more interested they are in your products or services.

Lead scoring is a valuable way to prioritize your marketing efforts and make sure you’re spending your time on the most promising prospects. It’s also a key component of an effective inbound marketing workflow.

When you create an inbound marketing workflow, you’ll need to consider what actions you want your prospects to take at each stage of the buyer’s journey. For example, at the awareness stage, you might want them to download a white paper or sign up for a webinar. At the decision stage, you might want them to request a demo or free trial.

You’ll also need to consider what scoring criteria you’ll use to move prospects from one stage to the next. For example, you might give points for activities like opening emails, clicking links, or visiting your website.

Once you’ve defined your workflow and lead scoring criteria, you can start building your workflow in your marketing automation software. Most marketing automation platforms offer an interface for building and creating customized workflows.

Once you’ve created your workflow, you can start putting it into action and tracking your results to see how well it’s performing.

With an inbound marketing workflow in place, you can automate many of the tasks associated with moving prospects through your marketing funnel. This frees up your time so you can focus on other aspects of your business, like developing new products or services.

If you’re not already using inbound marketing workflows, now is the time to start. They can help you attract more qualified prospects, close more deals, and grow your business.

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